• History

    Founded by Juan Moreno Ortiz in 1978, in its beginnings the company devoted itself to the supply of packing for nutritional food product

    In 1987 he drew heavily on cosmetics industry, for originality and design presentations, raises the interesting challenge of focusing exclusively in this sector and thus the current Rosa Envases SA with Tarrosalba brand, which now has a range of double wall jars, luxury or thick-walled, PE bottles in different capacities and sizes and airless system bottles.

    Echoing the needs of our customers and their concerns to get packages that combine design flexibility, lower cost and more environmentally friendly, introduced in 2007, innovations in machinery, equipment and training, creating a complementary line of PET bottles preforms based, and which are selled under the brand "Petypet".

    Rosa Envases over the years has built a solid reputation based on creativity, continuous innovation and seriousness, which has allowed  to improve, everyday, the quality of all products, its services and diversify their markets. Currently, our products reach 18 different countries within and outside the European Union, which is a big part of our turnover.

    In 2008 there was a generational change of those involved in the daily life of Rosa Evases.

  • Mission and Values

    The customer is our reason for being.

    Our mission is to be the ideal partner for companies of perfumes, cosmetics and personal hygiene, marketing and producing plastic articles, to do this we provide the industry, quality materials, functional as well as innovative, elegant and timeless designs offering products that meet their needs and expectations through constant innovation and always with the best service.

    You can trust our quality and enjoy a reliable and timely service.

    Our principles are integrity in everything we do.

  • Vision

    Service vocation.

    Being the first nationally and internationally in production and sellings of plastic packaging standard.

    Our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, with a commitment to continuously improve our production processes, making available products that meet their needs and expectations.

    Ensuring trust with the seriousness that characterizes us.

  • Quality

    You can trust in our quality and enjoy a reliable and timely service. All of the common thermoplastics in Rosa Envases are processed by us.

    Our company has been certified since 2004, first with Bureau Veritas and next with Lloyd's. We obtained a new certification with Tüv some years ago and now we are certified in the new ISO 9001:2015:

  • Sustainability

    In Rosa Envases, we work in an environmentally responsible way steadily and continues to minimize the impact that our materials have on the environment.

    • Whenever possible, avoids waste, is recycled and discharged according to the environment. No material production does not meet the strict quality standards.
    • We have closed cooling circuits.
    • Raw materials and suppliers are selected based on environmental criteria.
    • The products are designed not only to meet customer requirements, but also to minimize their impact on the environment.
    • Our packaging has a corresponding symbol for recycling later.
    • We have technology that allows us to reuse our waste production, the use of recycled materials as well as savings in masterbatch additive.
    • We involve our employees to behave properly in harmony with the environment.
    • We offer our customers environmentally friendly solutions.